Best Places to Find Matcha Desserts in Austin (2021 Update)

This list took WORK. I Googled, searched Yelp, asked Instagram, then personally checked out ALL of these places for you in search of the best matcha and green tea desserts Austin has to offer! So, if you’re feeling like something sweet with an excellent matcha or green tea flavor, here’s a pretty good list to get you started.

Note: I specifically looked for matcha desserts – ice cream, frozen treats, pastries, cakes… etc. I did not include any matcha lattes or matcha boba tea. Diving into matcha lattes could be a lifetime’s work on its own! And you guys already know my favorite boba tea is from ShareTea in North Austin.

This guide has been updated for 2021!
Businesses are still recovering from COVID shutdowns. Before you visit somewhere, please be sure to double check their hours and menu items. 

Before we get started, I have to bring attention to the upsetting and unacceptable rise in hate speech and violence against the AAPI community. Let me be super clear – there’s no room for that here. If these sorts of Asian treats are things you enjoy, I highly encourage you to made donations to organizations working to #stopasianhate, tip absurdly well when you visit AAPI-owned businesses, and stay vigilant. If you see or hear something out of line or straight up racist, shut it down. Now that we’re all on the same page, in no particular order, let’s dive in:

Asahi Imports – Matcha Soft Serve and Snacks
6105 Burnet Road, Austin, TX 78757
On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, you can get an incredible matcha soft serve from Asahi Imports for just a couple bucks. I was completely blown away by this little treat. The matcha flavoring is perfect and you can actually see the little bits of matcha powder in the soft serve. It also has that powdery mouth-feel that good matcha products have. You know what I’m talking about? Sure you do – you’re a matcha fan like me! Asahi Imports is primarily an Asian grocery store, so they sell all kinds of awesome matcha and green tea candy and snacks. Be sure to stock up on all your favorite candies, pocky, and mochi before ordering your soft serve.

OMG Squee – Taiyaki Matcha Soft Serve and Mochi Donuts
4607 Bolm Rd, Austin, TX 78702
If your matcha dessert needs to be Instagram-able, then the OMG Squee matcha taiyaki soft serve is what you need. Everything at OMG Squee is gluten-free, including their taiyaki (if that’s important to you). I thought the soft serve was a bit too icy, but the matcha flavor was really great. And you can’t deny, it looks SO cute in photos! As far as I know, this is the only place in Austin serving a dessert like this. Pro tip: top it with toasted marshmallow fluff and a macaron. OMG Squee also sells absolutely adorable mochi donuts and matcha is a rotating flavor! If you want a box of these cut mochi donuts, I highly recommend you preorder and double check they have matcha as one of the flavors that week. Currently, OMG Squee is only Thursday-Sunday and matcha soft serve is on rotation. Please make sure they’re open and serving what you want before you visit!

Kome Sushi Kitchen – Matcha Cheesecake
5301 Airport Blvd., Austin, TX 78751
The beloved sushi restaurant Kome occasionally offers green tea and matcha based desserts. Last year, they were serving a green tea ice cream parfait and coconut matcha creme brûlée. Right now, Kome is not open for indoor dining (curbside pickup and delivery only), so their menu is a bit scaled back and they aren’t currently selling those desserts. However, they DID add a matcha cheesecake slice and DANG is it good. I honestly like it better than that parfait and the creme brûlée! Hopefully the matcha cheesecake stays on the menu for a long time! Kome also has a small grocery item section on their menu. I ordered some matcha green tea mochi ice cream, along with my sushi and cheesecake. Delicious!

Cottage Bakeries – BOM Bakeshop (matcha mochi donuts and other treats) and Cookie Wookie Kitchen (matcha cookies)
Order online!
BOM Bakeshop is a popup bakeshop that loves to spread joy! All of their items are 100% gluten-free and are made in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen. Their specialty is their mochi donuts, but they make all kinds of delicious desserts depending on the day. For example, when I ordered, they were serving cups of matcha-misu! They have constantly rotating flavors, so matcha won’t be available all the time – check the website before ordering to see what’s in stock.

Cookie Wookie Kitchen makes cookies based on popular Asian inspired flavors. The dough is aged 1-3 days in small batches, to allow time for the flour to absorb all the flavors from the butter, sugar, and vanilla. I tried a box that included flavors like peppermint hot cocoa, coquet, toasted pecan anisette, along with black sesame cookies and cream, ube coconut, Vietnamese coffee with cocoa nibs and more. Tell me those flavors don’t sound delicious! My favorite cookie was the matcha pistachio, so a couple weeks later, I decided to order my own box of JUST matcha pistachio. Minimum orders are 1/2 dozen and, since Cookie Wookie Kitchen is located in Cedar Park, orders placed before 11am will be delivered by 3pm on the same day (M-Sa.)! Major WIN for us up north!

Beard Papas – Green Tea Cream Puffs
3220 Feathergrass Ct Suite 138, Austin, TX 78758
Beard Papas began in Japan in 1999 and have since expanded to over 400 stores in 15 countries. Now, we have our very own here in Austin – @domainatxbeardpapas! Beard Papas makes the “world’s best cream puff” and I have to say… they’re pretty dang good. SO MESSY, but good. First you pick your shell, then you pick your filling. Obviously, my favorite was the green tea eclair and the green tea filling! There’s a little bit of seating inside, but of course, there’s plenty of outdoor space at the Domain! If you’re not comfortable sitting inside, you can find a comfy spot outside to devour your cream puffs. Welcome to Austin, Beard Papas!

Dipdipdip Pop-up Sandwiches + Ice cream – Matcha Ice Cream Pints
7301 Burnet Rd Ste 101, Austin, TX
Next door to Dipdipdip Tatsu-ya is their small Dipdipdip pop-up selling shabu-shabu inspired dipped sandwiches, and funky fresh ice cream by the pint. While I really miss the crazy ice cream cone concoctions Dipdipdip Ice Cream used to sell, the rebrand to dipped sandwiches has been pretty successful! They are hoping to add back the fun ice scooped up ice cream in the future, but for now, you’ll have to settle for your Cookies + Matcha Ice Cream by the pint. Not matcha, but still tasty, is their ice cream taco in a fried panko brioche shell. 

Sugar Pine – Matcha Ice Cream
8578 Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78758
Sugar Pine is a cute little neighborhood restaurant serving up some tasty Japanese cuisine. They have bento boxes, onigiri, beer, sake, and homemade ice cream. Matcha is one of their flavors and YUM is it good. It’s on the sweeter side and has a great matcha flavor. The ice cream is extremely smooth and creamy. I made a wonderful little lunch with some of their on-the-go onigiri and a scoop of matcha ice cream. If you’re ordering your food to go or doing curbside pickup/deliver, you can get their ice cream by the pint!


Bento Picnic – Various Matcha Desserts
2600 E Cesar Chavez St., Austin TX, 78702
Bento Picnic is serving up healthy, convenient, delicious bento meals. They also frequently have delicious matcha desserts! In the past, they’ve had matcha flan made with Local Leaf yaupon matcha and Gati matcha ice cream. Right now, they have a delicious matcha cake cookie. It’s a soft, buttery cookie with organic matcha and whipped cream cheese. So good!

Yummi Joy – Matcha Soft Serve
409 W 2nd Street, Austin, Texas 78701
Yummi Joy is an awesome candy shop downtown. They serve 144 different kinds of mix and match candy, homemade fudge, chocolate truffles, espresso, novelty drinks, a TON of packaged candy, and of course, ice cream! Their ice cream comes from vegan ice cream shop Sweet Ritual. The vegan soft serve is a made with coconut milk and organic vanilla soy milk. It is a bit icy, but the matcha flavor is absolutely delicious. Very powdery with just enough sweetness. While Yummi Joy always has vanilla, matcha is a rotating flavor. Make sure to call ahead to see if they have it!


Snowy VillageMatcha Bingsu
6929 Airport Boulevard #135 Austin, TX 78752  //  1700 W Parmer Ln #244 Austin, TX 78727
Bingsu is such a fun little dessert. It’s a popular Korean shaved ice where the shaved ice bits are very fine and powdery – like snow! It’s light and fluffy and quickly dissolves in your mouth. Snowy Village has several bingsu toppings, including matcha! The shaved ice itself isn’t matcha flavored, but the top is powdered with it.

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Dolce Neve – Matcha Gelato
1713 South 1st street, Austin, TX 78704 // 1109 East 5th street, suite 170, Austin, TX 78702
Dolce Neve is serving up the highest quality gelato in Austin, if you ask me. It’s incredibly smooth and creamy, flavorful, and SO fresh. Their matcha gelato is so powdery and delicious. I almost solely order their matcha when I visit. Dolce Neve’s newest location is on East 5th Street. If you haven’t been yet, I highly recommend visiting. Because they make everything super fresh and according to what fruits are in season, they have a lot of rotating flavors. Check ahead of time to make sure they have matcha!

Bar Peached – Matcha Bingsu
1315 W 6th St Austin, TX 78703
Another place that serves matcha bingsu is Bar Peached (another restaurant by The Peached Tortilla). What makes this bingsu different from Snowy Village is that it’s topped with a scoop of peach ice cream. In the photo, it’s covered by whipped cream, but it’s there. I will say – Bar Peached bingsu had less matcha powder than Snow Village. But, if you’re in need of a matcha dessert with your happy hour drinks and tacos, this is a pretty good hit. Also, the vibe of the Bar Peached indoor and patio space is amazing. It’s a really cute, Instagram-able spot.

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85°C – Matcha Baked Goods
11301 Lakeline Blvd, #140 Austin, TX 78717  //  6929 Airport Blvd, #197 Austin, TX 78752
This place was recommended to me many times when I was looking for matcha desserts, and I can see why! 85°C Bakery Cafe was founded with the philosophy
of 5-star quality baked goods at affordable prices. Today, 85°C has over 1,000 locations worldwide! I’ve visited both locations in Austin and had excellent experiences at each one. It’s set up so that you take a tray and some tongs with you while you walk through all the bakery displays, picking whichever desserts look interesting to you. I’m sure their items vary from day-to-day, but I snagged a matcha coco bun and a matcha red bean roll on my last visit.

Other great matcha baked goods can be found at:
Tous Les Jours
6808 N Lamar Blvd Suite B-115 Austin, TX 78752  //  11301 Lakeline Blvd Austin, TX 78717
99 Ranch Market
6929 Airport Blvd. Austin, TX 78752

Snomo – Matcha Snow Ice
11220 N. Lamar Blvd #B275 Austin, TX 78750  //  900 Ranch Road 620 S. #A109 Lakeway, TX 78734  // 12129 N FM 620 #102, Austin, TX 78750
I know this dessert looks simple but MY GOODNESS. The matcha snow ice from Snomo is seriously so delicious. It has a powerful matcha flavor which I loved. The Taiwanese snow ice dessert is like little thin sheets of ice cream folded on top of one another. Pictured below is just plan matcha with condensed milk drizzled on top, but you can top it with all kinds of things ranging from fresh fruit to tapioca boba. I ordered a small and could have easily shared it.

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That’s it for now! Did I miss something? Please comment below. I definitely want to keep this list updated and growing.

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