Dell Diamond: Where to Eat and Drink

Dell Diamond is home to the Round Rock Express minor league baseball team. I’ve been to several games and always have a great experience. This time around, I was able to view the game from the Karbach Ranch Water Suites and sample a ton of the amazing food Dell Diamond has to offer! Thanks for the hosted visit, RR Express Media Team and RS3 Strategic Hospitality!

I didn’t realize just how much incredible food Dell Diamond is serving up! The Ballpark Food Map is STACKED. First of all, there are hotdogs galore. Goodstock by Nolan Ryan is grilling up some incredible hotdogs (and burgers) over at the Goodstock Grill. You can even get your hotdog wrapped in a grilled cheese sandwich. Yep – that’s right! Located behind section 123.

More hotdogs can be found at Fairlane’s Diner. The Kahuna hotdog has avocado crema, tropical mustard, and pineapple salsa. The Marilyn Monroe is super colorful, with neon nuclear relish, shedded cheese, and red jalapeƱos.

Over at Ono Pacific Grill, behind section 113, they’re serving up Polynesian Cheesesteaks with lemongrass marinated steak with peppers, onions, and Polynesian sauce. Ono Pacific Grill is also serving meat skewers – sliced steak with a soy ginger glaze. But of course, you don’t just get the skewers, you get them topped with a spicy aioli, citrus salsa, and green onion all served in a baseball helmet on top of tots! Yes, this is BASEBALL STADIUM FOOD we’re talking about!

Maybe meat skewers and avocado crema topped hotdogs don’t quite fit your baseball game vibe. I get it. Another awesome food spot is the Irish pub Cork & Barrel! They have a full (huge!) restaurant just down the street from Dell Diamond, but they also have a stall located in the stadium behind section 120. Here, you’ll find things like fish and chips and garlic pretzels. Everyone loves a good pretzel!

Even after all that, you’d better be leaving room for dessert. Head back to Fairlane’s Diner for some Olde Fashioned Milkshakes. Flavors include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cherry, caramel apple pie (!), and birthday cake. I can’t believe I’ve never had one of these before! Fairlane’s Diner is behind section 119. You’re welcome!

Located just past the grass area behind right field is the Home Run Dugout and Bullpen Bar. The Bullpen Bar is a super chill area where you can order tasty, colorful drinks. If you’re like me and are really at the game just for the VIBES of the game, then this is the perfect spot to hang out. You can sit at the bar under the twinkly string lights, or you can sit at the tables that spill out onto the patio.

Home Run Dugout is an augmented reality batting bay (kind of like Top Golf? but with baseball!). Located adjacent Bullpen Bar, Home Run Dugout is open to guests by reservation and during Round Rock Express games, when not previously booked. See all the fees and group rates on their webpage!

We had a suite, which was cool, but I’ll be honest – my favorite spot to view the game is from the barstools outside of Bullpen Bar. Sure, you’re a little far from the players behind right field, but you’re still in the action and can feel the energy of the baseball game. You can use the bar to easily hold your food and drinks and the bathrooms at Bullpen Bar are really nice! You also have more room out there and don’t have to sit right next to strangers, which is something I really hate with stadium seats! That’s just a little pet peeve of mine.

And with all the food Dell Diamond has to offer, trust me – you’re going to need a bar or a table or something to hold it all!

Overall, I was super impressed with the hosted Round Rock Express experience at Dell Diamond. If you want to get a suite for your crew, the smallest will cost you several hundred dollars, BUT if you want to relax in the outfield, chill at the bar seating, or throw a blanket out and drink in the grass, I’d recommend the lawn tickets. They only cost $12! And, if it’s “Pups and Pints Night,” you can bring your DOG!

Next time you visit a Round Rock Express game, you have to tell me what food you ordered. Tag me over at @DiscoveringATX on instagram!

Thanks again for the invite, Round Rock Express Media Team and RS3 Strategic Hospitality!

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