Top Places to get Ice Cream in Austin (2021 Update)

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since I started blogging, it’s that you guys LOVE ice cream. I take my responsibility of providing the best, most comprehensive list of Austin ice cream spots very seriously. In order to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, I’ve split this blog into three parts – “Classics,” “Fresh and New,” and “Ready for more?” When the sweet tooth hits, this list will have you covered. In no particular order, let’s get started!

This guide has been updated for 2021!
Businesses are still recovering from COVID shutdowns. Before you visit somewhere, please be sure to double check their hours and menu items. 

Classics: These are classic Austin ice cream spots. If you’re new to Austin or visiting for the first time, I’d recommend checking out this section first.


Lick Honest Ice Creams
Several Austin Locations!
Maybe eating pounds of ice cream isn’t your thing. Maybe you just want a scoop or two of some REALLY good, high-quality ice cream. Lick is where you will find that. They never use artificial colors or flavors, high fructose corn syrup or preservatives. Everything, from the sauces, syrups, cakes, and marshmallows, is made by hand in their kitchen. They also know exactly which dairy farms their milk comes from and on which farms their produce is grown. With unique, rich flavors like “Dark Chocolate, Olive Oil, and Sea Salt,” “Goat Cheese, Thyme & Honey,” and “Caramel Salt Lick” you’ll be totally satisfied with just one scoop. They’ve also started making a “frosty hot cocoa”! Their cocoa recipe is made with local SRSLY Chocolate and is topped with two ice cream scoops of your choice.

Dolce Neve
1713 South 1st Street Austin, TX 78704 // 1109 East 5th Street Suite 170, Austin, TX 78702
This gelato is legit. Founder Francesca “received formal training at Carpigiani Gelato University (Bologna, Italy) and refined her skills working for Gianfrancesco Cutelli at Gelateria De’ Coltelli (Pisa, Italy), one of the best and most famous gelato shops in Italy, winner of the prestigious “Golosario” award in 2012.” She has since won more awards and world-wide gelato competitions. They have a wide variety of rotating flavors, including, Whiskey and Pecan, Tiramisu, and Mascarpone and Figs. Dolce Neve means “Sweet Snow” and my goodness, sweet it is. Dolce Neve just opened a new Austin location on the east side at Plaza Saltillo! Be sure to check it out.

Sandy’s Hamburgers
603 Barton Springs Rd Austin, TX 78704
You probably drive by Sandy’s all the time, but have you tried their soft serve custard? Ok, you probably have – that’s why it’s a classic. If you’re new to or visiting Austin, don’t sleep on this little hamburger stand. It’s been a part of the city since 1946! You can get a regular cone (what I have pictured below) or you can get it dipped in chocolate. You can also go for something fancier, like a shake or sundae. Personally, the simple vanilla cone was comforting, delicious, and just what I needed.

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Amy’s Ice Creams
Several Austin Locations!
A classic. Perhaps best known for their Mexican Vanilla (pictured below), they have over 350 rotating flavors. While originating in Austin, Amy’s has expanded to Houston and San Antonio. What I like most about Amy’s are the crush’ns and toppings. Just the other night, I had some delicious cookies and cream ice cream that was drenched in hot fudge (and it was at the Austin Stars hockey game – Amy’s is even inside the HEB Center in Cedar Park!). They’ve been a part of the Austin food scene since 1984 and have certainly earned their spot on this list as a “classic” Austin ice cream joint. The photos below are from their extremely popular spot on South Congress Ave. If you’re visiting Austin, this is the location I recommend visiting! Its design is classic “Austin weird” and will be the perfect backdrop for your vacation photos.

Cold Cookie Company
2512 Rio Grande St. Austin, TX 78705
If you’re at UT right now, this is your ice cream spot. The Cold Cookie Co. truck makes some intense ice cream / cookie concoctions. If you are craving a Texas-sized ice cream treat, this is your place. They sell a bunch of different things, but my favorite is the “unshake.” Cold Cookie Co. takes your choice of ice cream and layers in cookies and other treats. Their cookies are delicious and they smash several into each unshake AND put a whole cookie on top. If you’re in the UT area (or not, it’s worth the drive), you have to visit this truck.

Sweet Ritual Ice Cream
4631 Airport Blvd, Suite 125 Austin, TX 78751
Vegans rejoice! And non-vegans, really. Their tag line is “Ice Cream for All” and I couldn’t agree more. They have six different bases from which they craft their delicious dessert: Coconut milk, almond butter, cashew butter, sunflower seed butter, peanut butter, and a coconut milk/soy milk mix. Pictured below is the Rainbow Chaser, one of their fancy shakes! It has strawberry, lavender, gummies, and sprinkles mixed into their delicious vanilla soft serve. I also snagged some of my favorite pints to take home with me! I’ve heard they serve up an epic caramelized banana split – adding it to my list!

Milky Way Shakes
2324 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702
Even though I was alone when I tried Milk Way Shakes, I made an audible “woah!” when I first sipped my shake. I was shocked by the incredible flavors this little vegan food truck was putting out. The first time I visited, I ordered their “Violet Beauregarde” and the mix of blueberry filling and chocolate soft serve was perfect. I basically chugged it down. The second time I visited, I made my own shake concoction. Milky Way Shakes is now located at We are located in the Vegan Nom food truck lot, next to Nom Burgersthe Vegan Nom, Bruja’s Brew, and East Austin Coffee. All the food trucks in the lot trailers are vegan as well! There’s lots of parking in the Soma Vida lot off 2nd street. Right now, Milky Way Shakes is doing online order and pick up only, so you can’t walk up and order. I didn’t realize that before I arrived, so I ordered on my phone right when I got there and it was ready in 20 minutes. Easy!

Gemelli Gelateria
1009 East 6th St, Austin, TX 78702
The flavors at Gemelli Gelateria are so good. I do most of my foodie blog visits on my own and so I eat a lot of the food in my car! I photograph it outside, make it look all nice, then take it to go. After I got my Gemelli photos, I went back to my car and absolutely devoured these two scoops of gelato with an audible, “Oh my gosh!” The pistachio from Gemelli is super popular, so I know I wanted that, and I really enjoy earl grey so I gave that a try as well. SUPER delicious. In interior of Gemelli Gelateria is closed for now, but they do have a few outdoor tables you can hang out at. If you’re walking around exploring east Austin, I highly recommend grabbing a scoop of gelato from Gemelli Gelateria.

1701 S Lamar Blvd Austin, TX
You’ve probably seen Nadamoo! dairy-free ice cream pints at Randall’s, HEB, or other smaller grocery stores. Their “Scoop Shop” opened on S Lamar last fall and OMG it is so cute. The decor is classic ice cream soda fountain meets carnival fun (because of the huge sprinkles on the exterior walls). I had to order two desserts when I visited because when I realized Nadamoo! was making affogatos, I knew I needed to try it, in addition to a regular scoop on a cone. For my cone, I went with “caramel cold-brew and cookies” and “peppermint latte.” Both were incredibly delicious and I cannot wait to visit again!

Fresh and New: These are fresh and new Austin ice cream spots. If you want to share Instagram posts about the most popular ice cream places at the moment – this is the list. 

Meanwhile Brewing Co., 3901 Promontory Point Dr., Austin, Texas 78744
Bésame a new ice cream food truck! In order to share the light and fluffy texture of ice cream straight out of the machine (something that gets lost after it’s been mass produced and frozen for a while) Bésame is making fresh ice cream daily. So when you order from their food truck, you know the ice cream you are eating was made THAT DAY. Pretty awesome.

When owners Ben and Sheena described the vision for their trailer to me (which they built out themselves) they said they want it to have a magic candy shop feeling, where you can’t believe the smells and flavors that are coming out of it. They installed huge windows so customers can see every part of the process, from the ice cream being made to their immaculately clean white floors.

Ben and Sheena started their ice cream business in Nicaragua. What started as one shop that sold out immediately turned into 5 shops! However, once their 12-year-old started voicing his own dreams of playing football, Ben and Sheena knew it was time to move their family to Austin. Bésame will incorporate many of the tropical flavors they love from Nicaragua, along with local, in-season ingredients.

Based on what I’ve tasted so far, we are so lucky to have them opening in Austin! Their permanent home is at Meanwhile Brewing Co. Be sure to check @Besameatx to see what their hours are before visiting.

Zeds Read Fruit Ice Cream
1814 Harvey St, Austin, TX 78702
Zeds is the newest edition to the east Austin ice cream scene! I love a good soft serve and Zeds has it mastered. You start with the vanilla base (dairy-free vanilla also available) then choose a REAL fruit to mix in. Options include banana, blueberry, dark cherry, mango, pineapple, and strawberry. They you can drizzle and top it with a bunch of tasty stuff like chocolate, coconut cream, rainbow sprinkles, and more! They also offer specials like Pina colada, mango sticky rice, and strawberry paleta.

But wait, there’s more! Zeds also has a drink list! That’s right! You can also order wine, beer, cold brew… this place is perfection.

They have a lot of covered picnic tables in their space as well. I saw several families gathered, adults drinking some beers, kids eating ice cream – it was wonderful!

Bearded Baking Co.
440 E. St. Elmo’s Rd Suite F, Austin Texas, 78745
If you haven’t been to Bearded Baking Co., you NEED to put that on your schedule. It’s a truck parked at Still Austin Whiskey, so they have plenty of distanced, outdoor seating. Their brunch menu is incredible (check out pics here) and the drinks from Still Austin are also absolutely wonderful. It’s one of my new favorite brunch spots for sure. But that’s not why you’re here – you want ice cream talk! Well Bearded Baking Co., in addition to FIRE brunch items, is making their own ice cream. Their OG C4 cookie (chocolate chocolate chip chip) is smashed up and added to their “Thick ‘n Chonky” ice cream. Their “YASSS Queen” has peanut butter cups and fudge swirls. It’s so freaking good. Their ice cream is light and airy, with an almost whipped feel.

Connors Creamery
12709 N Mopac Expy, Austin, TX 78727
I absolutely love soft serve. Connor’s Creamery is a new little food truck specializing in the simple delight of soft serve ice cream. It’s located right next to Garbo’s Lobster. It’s the perfect combo – get yourself a delicious meal, then walk outside and get a cup of soft serve. They have flavors like bubble gum, butter pecan, chocolate swirl, banana ripple, strawberry, pineapple, blue raspberry, and tropical orange. You can choose two to get swirled together, or stick with one. You can add toppings as well, like rainbow sprinkles!

Gati Ice Cream
1512 Holly St, Austin, TX 78702
Gati Ice Cream serves delicious vegan ice cream made with coconut milk, gluten-free pastries, and coffee in East Austin. They have 40 rotating flavors, all made with 4 ingredients or less. Any colors are totally natural! I got lavender caramel and Thai coffee – delicious. Fun fact – Gati Ice Cream is owned by the same incredible wonderful people behind Thai Fresh!

Gekki Rolled Ice Cream
11301 Lakeline Blvd, Austin, TX 78717 (inside H Mart)
Inside H Mart’s Market Eatery is a new place to get ice cream – Gekki Rolled Ice Cream. They specialize in, you guessed it, Thai rolled ice cream! This unique style of isn’t scooped up and put on cones. Instead, the liquid base is poured onto a frozen pan and then chopped, mixed, spread and rolled into cute little ice cream rolls. If you’re looking something new, this might just be it! They also serve up croffles, which are croissant waffles topped with a whipped icing. What’s awesome, is they’re about to add a matcha croffle to their menu! If you’ve checked out my other list, “Best Places to find Matcha Desserts in Austin,” then you KNOW how excited I am!

Gelato Paradiso
1400 S Congress Ave Suite B160, Austin, TX 78704
Gelato Paradiso has actually been open on South Congress for over a year! Have you been? I visited for the first time recently and was pretty impressed! I love gelato shops that have the incredible set up. The gelato is poured into elaborate, huge swirls, topped with goodness. Like little pieces of art! This little gelato shop is tucked just off the main South Congress drag, so don’t miss it.

Ready for more?If you’ve been in Austin for a while and still want more ice cream in your life, then here’s an expanded list of excellent ice cream!

Dolce Bacio
6900 Ranch Road 620 North 78732, Austin, Texas
Have you seen a pink cart and food truck around town? It’s Dolce Bacio and they are serving up some authentic gelato, sorbet, cannoli, and other treats in their batch freezer. Owners Francesca and Dante started their skills in Bologna, Italy 5 years ago. Now, they’re bringing their epic gelato-making skills right here to Austin! They’ve recently relocated to food truck spot at 6900 Ranch Road 620 – where the Mighty Fine truck is. There’s a whole set up there! Parking can be tricky on busy days, but there are plenty of tables and outdoor eating space.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams
11601 Rock Rose Ave #110 // 1208 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704
I’ve had Jeni’s ice cream in Washington DC, Nashville, and now, I’ve had Jeni’s in Austin! They currently have two shops open, one at Rock Rose and one on South Congress. I have to say – I was EXTREMELY impressed with Jeni’s. My parents and I got three very different flavors and all three were exceptional. The new Skillet Cinnamon Roll has pastry flakes and dark caramel mixed into a cream cheese ice cream. Blackout Chocolate Cake has four different chocolate pieces mixed in (my personal favorite of the three). I ordered the Wildberry Lavender (admittedly, for the colorful photo) but ended up really liking it. I already love lavender in everything and this had a wonderful lavender flavor.

The Yard Milkshake Bar
3400 Esperanza Xing Austin, Tx 78758 // 940 W University Ave #120 Georgetown, TX 78626

The Yard Milkshake Bar offers an ice cream EXPERIENCE. When you arrive, you can choose between specialty shakes or ‘build your own’ shakes. I’d highly recommend the specialty shakes. They’re wild and crazy and come with a TON of sweet goodness. You choose between a pint or quart size. I chose a pint and it was still big enough to share! My “Peanut Butter Brownie Bliss” came with brownie batter ice in a peanut butter dipped jar with chocolate chips. It’s topped with peanut butter cups, whipped cream, and a fudge brownie!

Luv Fats
Pre-order for Mueller Farmers Market Pick-up // Mozarts Coffee Market // Bee Grocery
Luv Fats has been on my radar for a while but I never actually tried it until recently. WOW. Luv Fats is totally vegan, made with coconut milk and avocado bases. No, you can’t taste the avocado, chill out. It just improves the texture. This is the smoothest, creamiest vegan ice cream I’ve ever had and I know it’s because of the avocado! There are like, no ice crystals in it at all. Luv Fats founder and maker, Chi Ndika, is crafting up some TASTY, unique flavors. I tried the Kenyan Chai and Matcha Lavender (obviously) but other popular ones include Sourdough Toast & Peach Jam and Colombian Chocolate. One thing I do need to note is the price. These little pints are not cheap, but honestly, the ingredients and quality of Luv Fats isn’t cheap either.

Fresa’s Chicken
1703 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704 // 915 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78703 (drive thru/curbside)
I know it’s called Fresa’s CHICKEN but stick with me. The ice cream here top notch. I love visiting restaurants that are putting a lot of thought and effort into their desserts! So make sure, when you visit Fresa’s, get your margarita, get your chips and queso, and don’t forget a scoop of ice cream. Their cookies and cream is my favorite!

Vanilla Ice Cream at Black’s BBQ
3110 Guadalupe Street Austin, TX 78705
The Original Black’s BBQ is obviously best known for their BBQ, but I have a secret to share with you – their vanilla ice cream is fantastic. I got the tip from a fellow Austin food blogger and had to check it out for myself. For $2.59, you can get a 5oz cup of their house-made vanilla ice cream. It’s super sweet (almost tastes like… frosting?), super simple, and super delicious. If you’re visiting ATX and go to Black’s, you’ll look like a true Austin foodie when you order the vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Tiny’s Milk & Cookies
1515 W 35th St Building C Austin, TX 78703
Tiny’s Milk & Cookies is a walk-up coffee shop run by the Tiny Boxwood’s restaurant. They serve various pastries, coffee, ice cream, and cookies. The chocolate chip cookies are absolutely DELICIOUS. If you haven’t visited, it’s worth a quick trip. There’s no indoor space to sit down or anything, so you’ll have to take it on the go. What really grabbed my attention here was their milk and cookies ice cream. It is vanilla ice cream with their famous chocolate chip cookies mixed in. There’s SO much cookie smashed in that it’s hardly vanilla anymore. It’s just… cookie ice cream. There are probably several whole cookies smashed into this small cup of ice cream.

The Baked Bear
211 Walter Seaholm Drive Suite LR150 Austin, TX 78701
If you’re ready to go full-on EXTRA with your ice cream, The Baked Bear is where you do it. Make sure you come in hungry – maybe on a dessert-for-dinner kind of night. You can craft your epic ice cream sandwich using any combination of their freshly baked cookies and ice creams. You can even make it a brownie sandwich! I arrived right when they opened and the smell of the cookies coming out of the oven was overwhelmingly amazing. I’ve always felt the cookies in an ice cream sandwich were just objects to hold the ice cream, but at The Baked Bear, the cookies are just as satisfying as the ice cream itself. On top of all that, you can pick a “topping” that your sandwich gets rolled in. Boom.

Frozen Rolls Creamery
704 North Lamar Blvd Austin, Texas 78703
For a fun change from your usual cones and shakes, try some of the Thai-style rolled ice cream from Frozen Rolls. The people at Frozen Rolls are so nice! Their customer service is A+ for sure. I met the owner and he was happily talking to each person that had ordered ice cream. I was also pretty impressed with their toppings selection, which included things like mochi and pocky sticks. I tried their most popular flavor – cookies and cream – with Nutella, peanut butter pieces, and chocolate-dipped Pocky sticks. They also have frozen tacos! I went with plain chocolate for this one and was not disappointed. You can get your rolls in a colorful taco shell. It’s super cute for photos if that’s something that’s important to you.

Manoli’s Ice Cream
603 W Live Oak St, Austin, TX 78704
Manoli’s Ice Cream truck has been on my radar for quite some time. I finally got around to visiting it and I was super impressed! Manoli’s is located at the South First Food Court and the menu is EXTENSIVE. Everything is made right in the trailer, which blows my mind. I’m talking ice cream, Italian ice, popsicles, sorbet, shakes, juices, coffee, pastries, and cakes. I’ll for sure be back to snag some of their cake slices – cheesecake, tiramisu, tres leches, sponge cake… it all looked SO good. There’s a full on bakery and ice cream shop in this trailer.

There you have it! My 2021 updated list with the BEST ice cream in Austin. If you’re looking for more of the “2021 Best Places to Eat in Austin” lists, from cupcakes to BBQ to east side hot spots, check out the complete list of city guides HERE!

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