Arbor Food Truck Park

Off of East 12th St. in Austin, there’s a great little food truck spot called the Arbor Food Truck Park. The park has been around since 2020 and has had some really awesome trucks cycle through. I decided to do a quick little write up on them now because two of my favorite Austin food trucks recently relocated to the Arbor Food Truck Park – Ensenada and Magick Matcha.

First up: Ensenada. Ensenada specializes in Ensenada style tacos. The shrimp tacos are good, but the fish tacos are absolutely INCREDIBLE. The best I’ve had in Austin? Honestly, yes, I think so! Both the shrimp and the fish are fried in momma Liz’s secret batter recipe. Just a heads up – their weekday menu is different from the weekend menu. If you want their ceviche, BOYB micheladas, or shrimp cocktail, then you need to visit on the weekend. Whenever you visit, don’t forget the Limonada Topo!

Next is Magick Matcha. This matcha truck serves up absolutely delicious matcha and espresso drinks. Are they cheap? No, they definitely are not. But is good matcha cheap? Nope, it definitely is not. In my opinion, these drinks are worth it, but to each their own. My favorite is the Pink Dream, made with matcha, strawberry, oat milk, coconut water, and beet root powder. They have rotating specials, so be sure to ask them for recommendations if you’re unsure what to order!

Cuantos Tacos has been an OG truck at Arbor Food Truck Park since 2020. Their Mexico City style street tacos are two-three bites each and are tasty tasty tasty! We ordered their carnitas, suadero (brisket), and lengua tacos. Cuantos also added a breakfast taco menu for Saturday mornings! I’ve gotta go back and try those ASAP.

If BBQ is more your style, then try Rollin’ Smoke. The brisket sandwich is pretty dang good.

Sammataro Pizza and Cachitos 512 (Venezuelan Cuisine) are also at the Arbor Food Truck Park, but I could only eat so much food! I’ll have to plan another visit back soon.

In addition to these great trucks, Arbor Food Truck park has a little parking lot, tons of picnic tables, and twinkly lights that really set the vibes at night. What other food truck parks should I try? I feel like there are new ones popping up constantly!

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