South Austin

With my wonderful Christmas Break free time, my brother and I went exploring South Ausin. Our fist stop was South Lamar for lunch. Obviously, we chose Ramen Tatsu-Ya. This was the first time I’d been to this location, and I have to say, the line moved WAY slower than at their north location. However, it … More South Austin

The Science Cream

Liquid nitrogen ice cream is the trend right now. Last weekend, I took my Austin Passbook to The Midway Food Park to use a buy-one-get-one deal at The Science Cream. This food truck makes ice cream using liquid nitrogen and I’m a big fan it. It comes out super smooth, because the ice crystals are smaller. … More The Science Cream

ATX Ice Cream Crawl

I am constantly bookmarking places on Yelp that I want to try around Austin. I am definitely adding places faster than I am visiting them! To help with this, I decided to do an “Ice Cream Crawl” to knock off a few of the ice cream places I’ve been wanting to try around town. I … More ATX Ice Cream Crawl